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About Luiz

“ …from intelligent bossa nova (The Caetano or Chico Buarque kind) and Gypsy jazz to more free-form compositions that have the slightest hint of Serge Gainsbourg.” - Songlines Magazine - London - UK

  Luiz Murá's musical journey is driven by a constant research on how to identify and express all the cultural elements that compose his own identity.

  “Mestizo” in body and soul, through Luiz's veins flows Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian blood. And he doesn’t stop there, he keeps on seeking the deepest and innermost seeds of his own roots. When he does that through music, he offers us the opportunity to experience and enjoy a veritable 'Umami', a loanword from the Japanese language that  expresses the harmonious flavours created through the combination of different ingredients working perfectly together.

  Bossa Nova possesses a great deal of originality on its own and Luiz, who's genuinely passionate about the style, makes it resonate with precision and staying true to its essence.

  However, he can't avoid bringing some precious seasonings to the recipe , which inevitably accompany us in his journey towards the “Origem”.


  Worked and collaborated with Gustav Lundren, Maria Gadú, Macaco, Sergio Krakowski, Guello, Sylvinho Mazzuca jr (Maria Rita), Ricarto Vogt, Faela, Unit, NuFolk Global connections and MiraMundo.

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